New plug and play welding machines from Afrox

2010.10.12Johannesburg, South Africa

Trade News

Afrox has recently introduced two new welding machines to its Transarc range which are ideally suited to DIY enthusiasts, emerging small businesses and home fabricators — and offer all the functionality, features and quality customers have come to expect from Afrox products.

The Transarc range of DC inverters are robust and reliable power sources. They harness the latest global advances in inverter technology and the resultant highly stable output makes these machines appropriate for most MMA (stick electrode), DC scratch-start and lift TIG applications. The machines’ high duty cycle makes them ideally suitable for both maintenance and production environments in African work conditions.

“Not only do these machines deliver premium quality at an affordable price,” says Afrox’s Shaun Christian, “but they are also uniquely designed potable welding machines being offered to the South African market with a 12-month swap-out guarantee.

“The introduction of these new models in is line with our strategy to continually develop innovative, best-in-class, technology-driven equipment to meet the changing needs of our customers in a challenging economic environment. Although it’s early days, feedback from our sales centres, distributors and customers has been exceptional.

“These machines deliver what they promise, yet they are simple to use — it’s just a matter of ‘plug and play’,” he says. “And we back this up with after sales service, technical back-up and advice from our welding specialists.”

Weighing only 7,5 kg with dimensions of 430×185×306 mm, the new Transarc models MMA (Manual Metal Arc) 160 and MMA 140 are highly portable. These stable-arc inverter-based welding machines are single-phase 220V (15 amp) machines and are fitted with VRD (Voltage Reducers), delivering superior arc control in all welding positions.

The lift TIG function method of arc initiation allows the tungsten to actually touch the work piece. This occurs at very low amperage that is only sufficient to pre-heat and not melt the tungsten. As the tungsten is moved off the plate, the arc is established. With this method, there is little chance of tungsten inclusion occurring.

The machines’ lower output voltage ensures a safe working environment under all conditions.

Afrox’s high quality Vitamax electrodes are recommended to ensure a long term quality operation, optimum productivity and weld longevity.

The MMA 160 and 140 welding machines are available through Afrox Gas & Gear sales centres, as well as co-ops and selected distributors, who also supply complementary consumables, torches, personal protective equipment and shielding gases.

Afrox is the leading supplier of electrical arc welding and cutting equipment in southern Africa.